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About me

Shalhevetya Zis
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Shalhevetya Zis - illustrator for kids and yoth, painter and graphic design.

I am creating from my heart and soul, and adjusting each project to the right and exact style it needs.

I like to create content and illustrations mostly for kids.

I draw children’s books, cards, games, learning materials, classic animations, designing housewares, teaching art and more.

I am creating in several varieties, digital art, water paints, ink, acrylic, pencil colors, paper derivatives and keeps trying more options and techniques.

Finished first degree at the multidisciplinary class of Art and Graphic Design.
I also did a classical animation course at IAC College - the Israeli College of Animation

And I always keep learning and evolving and trying new things.


So if you are looking for an illustrator to publish a book, to give a special gift, drawing for a clip, and any other project, feel free to be impressed and enjoy the works in the website.

And I would love to be in touch with you.


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